Electric Vehicle Running Costs

Electric Vehicle
How much does it really cost to run an electric vehicle compared to a good old fashioned banger? Are the emissions lower and if so by how much? These questions are hard to answer, but help is at hand.

About two years ago I created a little spreadsheet to make it easy for anyone to calculate the fuel consumption of electric vehicles and compare it with internal combustion engine vehicles. Today I’ve dug it out again, spruced it up a bit and I’m re-publishing it.

You can download the spreadsheet in a compressed ZIP file that also contains a version optimised for small mobile devices, an instruction document and a readme file. You should be able to open the ZIP file on any Windows PC, Apple Mac or Linux machine. The spreadsheets do not use macros or any Excel ‘bells and whistles’, so you will be able to open it on any spreadsheet program.

EV Converter

The main spreadsheet

The spreadsheet has been designed for ease of use. All you need to know is the current prices of electricity and petrol, the fuel consumption of an electric vehicle and the petrol consumption of an internal combustion engine vehicle. You can calculate the running cost of diesel vehicles as well, but the equivalent MPG and emissions figures will not be accurate. There is a handy set of vehicle examples built into the spreadsheet. The answers will update as you input new figures.

One day I will turn this into a nice web page that does all the calculations in your browser, one day!

Click the icon below to download the zip file:


Download - 81KB

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