Electric Vehicle Running Costs

Electric Vehicle
How much does it really cost to run an electric vehicle compared to a good old fashioned banger? Are the emissions lower and if so by how much? These questions are hard to answer, but help is at hand.

About two years ago I created a little spreadsheet to make it easy for anyone to calculate the fuel consumption of electric vehicles and compare it with internal combustion engine vehicles. Today I’ve dug it out again, spruced it up a bit and I’m re-publishing it.


PylonsThis was originally written as a comment to this post by Robert Llewellyn. However as you can see, it got completely out of hand, so I had to turn it into a blog post and then create a blog to post it on. I blame Mr. Llewellyn for this and intend to find some way to punish him in the future!

The main problem with the media coverage of future energy issues is that it is impossible to do it sensibly in a three minute slot on the Today or any other program. Power engineering is an enormously complex subject, with many factors to take into consideration before making decisions. Very few people understand these factors outside the industry, because nobody is given the time or attention to explain them.

Well I’m going to have a go at explaining some of them and how they link together. I started my career with the Eastern Electricity Board (remember them?) and I’ve spent most of my time since doing electrical engineering of one sort or another. This is mainly an attempt to show the number of factors that push and pull at every decision in power engineering, not an endorsement for either side of an argument. Continue reading